So my teacher says to go get a calculator and when I bring it back to my desk i see THIS. Someone in the class before ships Destiel. My day has been made.


So my teacher says to go get a calculator and when I bring it back to my desk i see THIS. Someone in the class before ships Destiel. My day has been made.


it’s gotten to a point where I respond better to somebody talking about my fandoms than to my own name

drunk fick lmao i swear im better at rwring when i’m sober


dean and cas were in the grocery store and they were fighting over waht to get for dinner. Dean wanted hamburgers but Cas wanted salad. A classic dean/cas arguement. oh dear. but it was all in good spirit because they lobed each other and everything was a okay.


while they were arguing, cas pushing the hamburger buns aside, and dean hiding the bags of organic substances, a girl approached them. she stared at them, mouth agape. Cas paused from  insulting dean’s dinner choice and turned to the girl. “can i help you?” he asked, stonily, but like not the marijuana typed of stonily, the castiel type where he was very strict and cold, cause y’know angels .

` /” sorry i just think you guys are hella cute and you rmined me of these books i read once… have you ever heard of carver edlund???” she said nervously, with trepidation.


“fuck me” dean muttered under his breath, silently slipping the hamburger buns back into the grocery cart, “ you read that shit??”


“shit?! what are you even saying are you drumk om the alcho?” the girl was flabbergasted


“DINT BE PREPOSTEROUS I AM   A RESPONSIBLE ADULT WHO DOESN’T FUCKING DRINK HIS FEELINGSS AWAH TNAT’S UNHEALTHY” dean was very stubborn. cas rolled his eyes. this was so typical of dean, he was always over compensating because he was afraid people would find out he was actually bisexual. john had really fucked him up. cas sighed heavily.


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Cas drawing lazy enochian comfort sigils into Dean’s back with his index finger while he cradles him after a nightmare. (◕﹏◕✿)


oh my god no imagine cas being a typical proud boyfriend up in heaven (“dean is very good with automobiles, too—he rebuilt his own up from the ground, you know”) and the other angels are all just sitting there like 

because on one hand they don’t want to be smote for badmouthing castiel’s human but on the other if they hear one more thing about this daddamn hairless ape they’re going to smite themselves

"and Dean wrapped that laugh around his finger like a lace ribbon. Songs about love he hadn’t cared about before, but now, he wouldn’t have said anything but that. He wanted another smile, he wanted another dreamy look in Cas’ eyes, so he’d sang along. He had wanted him to fall more in love, because nothing was going to hurt anymore if that happened. He had convinced himself, young, and stupid. This boy was going to make this world turn and stars would fall like rain."

(Source: achievestiel)


deancas cabin au:         
dean and cas are tired of city life. they decide to get lost for awhile.


best destiel video evar. [ x ]

"It’s a metaphor see, you hold the destiel subtext in in your hands but you don’t give it the power to become canon"

Supernatural writers probably (via officialdestiel)


Destiel AU

↳ Inspired by scene in 3x10 where both brothers are in Dean’s head while sleeping


I want Dean to ask Cas stuff like ‘Did it hurt, when you fell from Heaven?’ and ‘Wow is Heaven missing an angel?’ 

And Cas will just look at him like